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Turned Up Goon by Slobba Ranks x Cars Will Burn


philly hometown hero Cars Will Burn's new ballin mini-mix has all the right moves: a minimal psychedelic romp through horrid power 99 anthems hijacked with nothing but a pair of akai s20’s and a 2 octave midi keyboard painted all black. like everything. (artist’s liner notes). i’m digging the laid back mutter loop vocals in the first half, the switch-up to the helter skelter beats about halfway through, the ish-ed up Drake, Ye and TI hooks dropped in tetris-stylee and the overall theme of $$$$$$$$$. true dolla time.


  1. Yo
  2. Whatever Dollar I.
  3. Me
  4. Looking
  5. True
  6. Whatever Dollar II.
  7. Made It

From the hideout lair of Cars Will Burn comes another hot mess on the intertubes. This is the 2010s ambient music X jazz-rock 90s outfit Steely Dan mashup you didn’t ask for, but surprisingly works. Sure, any mix with Rick Ross, TI, Lil B and Hudson Mohawke could work, but notice the smooth burn of Tim Hecker as he makes way for Steely D and the Teflon Don, and then the sloppy platter mess as it melts into Tweet’s My Place. Lil B’s joke-ignorant rap is punched through with drop-outs and double-beat loops. And that’s followed by the unorthodox choice of not one but two TI swagger-anthems, Pyro and Bring ‘Em Out, before the complete 180 degree shift to Cars Will Burn’s 3 minutes of blather-slab-twinkle-burner-y fade. Wait, a sec, weren’t the Dans Hey Nineteen in the last CWB mix on Jewish Noise? Caught you! 

Double R Me &  You
Cars Will Burn

  1. Analog Paralysis, 1978 ~ Tim Hecker
  2. Hey Nineteen ~ Steely Dan
  3. Mind Games ~ Rick Ross
  4. My Place ~ Tweet
  5. Ms Woman ~ Lil B The Based God
  6. All Your Love ~ Hudson Mohawk
  7. Pyro ~ T.I.
  8. Bring ‘em Out ~ T.I. (Max’s Explicit Mix)
  9. Slick Glove ~ Cars Will Burn

This is the second mix on Jewish Noise by uncategorizable hip noise jammer/mixer Cars Will Burn, so of course the artist asked for a full sponsorship indie rock package, benefits, etc when he learned we’ll be premiering it here. This one’s a smooth number, full of lovers jams, sweet R & B, innuendo, kitchen scraps, chopped and screwed remixes. It’s almost into make-out jam, jangle-of-limbs territory. But of course the heavy synth stabs, tripping mix-in’s,  echoes and phasers locked, the stutters and stop and starts all mark it as an unmistakeable Cars Will Burn production. Sunday afternoon lazy days listening, for sure. 6PM just home from work wind-down jam, for sure. 3am crazed in the back of a cab cellphone-blastin’, for sure.

67 Way Back

  1. Mohn ~ Manifesto 
  2. ROM-DOS ~ Anywhere
  3. DJ Pyro
  4. Deejay Earl ~ Teklife
  5. Jay Z ~ I Know
  6. Kanye West ~ Mercy
  7. Tygr ~ Love Game
  8. Josh Hey ~ BurfDay Sexts
  9. Steely Dan ~ Hey Nineteen

There’s this 2006 Art In The Age youtube video from when they were a weirdo black and white interview and art zine and not making cold hard cash selling artisanal liqeurs to gastropubs. In the youtube video, the room is pitch black except for a small red eternal flame in the center. A rolling drone starts and every few seconds blasts of light illuminate the room. 10 secs before the video ends a belching squelch erupts and abruptly the video cuts out. A comment troll below the vid writes ”Indie Rockers stay out of noise!” Well six years later Cars Will Burn's still bruising egos and Rap Game Mark Price got that swag comin' out his nus. You wanna playlist? Fuck off. Welcome To My House Party. In conclusion, Art In The Age should sponsor Jewish Noise on a special private label champaign o’ beers jawn called Coors Will Burn.

Off Jets (Vat Mix)

  1. Wiz Khalifa
  2. The Dream
  3. Mark Lord
  4. Meek Mill
  5. T.I.
  6. Nine Inch Nails
  7. Cam’ron
  8. Clipse
  9. Ryoji Ikeda.